TMJ & TMD Treatment

Our temporomandibular joints or TMJ are found at the base of the joints and muscles in the jawline. These specific joints make it possible for us to open and close the mouth. Found on each side of your head, these joints work together simultaneously to help you chew, speak and swallow. There are many reasons why people suffer from TMJ. They include: arthritis, injury, tooth decay, poor jaw alignment, stress, teeth grinding and dislocation from an accident. TMJ and TMD often cause discomfort and pain, leading to patients seeking relief from symptoms. Symptoms can be temporary or last for years. Working closely with the team at Basin Dentistry can help you regain the use of your jaw and relief from painful TMJ side effects with general dentistry.

Symptoms of TMJ & TMD

Are you concerned you may have a jaw disorder? Symptoms of TMJ and TMD are:

  • Pain or excessive tenderness in your face, jaw area, neck and shoulders. Pain can also be evident around and inside the ear when you chew food, speak or open your mouth wide.
  • Difficulties and pain when trying to open your mouth wide.
  • Jaw issues that include feeling stuck, or locked in an open or closed mouth position.
  • Popping, clicking or grinding noises in the jaw joint when you open and close your mouth.
  • Tired or achy feeling in your face.
  • A feeling that the upper and lower bite is not secure, or not fitting together correctly.
  • Swelling on either or both sides of the face.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Diagnosing TMJ is extremely important to receive the treatment and help you need to find relief from symptoms. Call Basin Dentistry today to gain an accurate diagnosis with our advanced dental technology and equipment.

Jaw Pain Relief

TMJ and TMD are not something that we want any of our patients to experience, but if you do experience severe jaw pain, you can count on the team at Basin Dentistry for help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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