Special Needs Dentistry

Basin Dentistry is dedicated to providing all of our patients with the best dental care possible. We aim to help each patient on an individual level with our special needs dentistry. Patients with special needs are given extra special care at Basin Dentistry. We understand that it can be a new, stressful experience visiting the dentist, especially for patients with physical, medical, developmental or cognitive concerns. That is why we take extra measures to help all of our patients feel welcome by caring for their needs. Our compassionate and understanding team of dental professionals are here to help.

To ensure the dental health of your family, routine visits to the dentist for cleanings and exams are important. However, children or adults with special needs or disabilities often require a more sensitive approach to dental treatments, exams, cleanings, and procedures. The team at Basin Dentistry is ready to help make the experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

Dentistry for the Developmentally Disabled

We are trained in the field of dentistry to specifically help children and adults who are developmentally disabled. We take the time to work with each patient, taking into consideration their medical history or conditions to provide optimal dental healthcare. We work with patients on an individual level, developing specific treatment plans, and educating patients on the importance of practicing good oral health.

Visiting the dentist can cause anxiety for any child, but for a special needs child, it can be an extremely emotional time. Our pediatric dental staff goes above and beyond to help ensure all of our patients feel happy, relaxed and informed about their treatment options and needs. We take the time to work with adults and children with development challenges to ensure they receive the right treatment. Parents of special needs children will find the family friendly environment to be helpful, while our staff helps your child gain the dental care they need. Contact Basin Dentistry today to find out more information about our special needs dentistry.

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