IV Sedation Dentistry

One of the biggest reasons people avoid dental procedures is pain. Dental fear is common, but thankfully there are options to help make your dental procedures and treatments stress and pain free. IV sedation dentistry is available as an option for all of our patients at Basin Dentistry to help aid with the fear of dental procedures. There are many different levels of sedation available and your doctor will discuss with you the best option for your treatment.

Sedation can be added to any dental treatment based on your specific needs and concerns. Whether it is a simple cleaning and routine exam or a more involved treatment such as root canals, sedation can give patients who suffer from dental fear a solution while still maintaining excellent oral health. We want all our patients to have a healthy, beautiful smile, and for many, sedation dentistry helps them achieve this goal.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is the most common form of sedation dentistry. This is often used to calm young patients who are experiencing their first invasive treatments or for patients that want to stay completely aware during their dental appointment. Also referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide wears off quickly and allows the patient to drive home after treatments.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation can offer a balance between nitrous oxide and more deep sedation needs. Patients will find the effects of oral sedation to be mild to moderate, depending on the dosage given. With this method, a prescription is given and must be taken an hour before treatment. A low dosage medication allows the patient to be fully awake, but very relaxed. Working with the team at Basin Dentistry can help you decide what type of sedation dentistry will work best for your individual needs. Contact us today to schedule an apppointment for you or a member of your family.

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