Adolescent Dentistry

At Basin Dentistry, our goal is to help children establish good oral hygiene habits while ensuring their oral health care is being met. We do this by keeping a close eye on the teeth as children grow, while informing and educating parents on what to expect. This includes our adolescent patients that are transitioning from their baby teeth to their permanent, adult smiles that we want to last a lifetime.

As your child grows, it is imperative to provide routine dental exams and cleanings. To establish a healthy foundation for a smile in years to come, early pediatric dentistry is essential to the health of your family. Basin Dentistry offers families modern, fun amenities to help children and parents alike feel comfortable before and during visits. TVs in the exam rooms help keep little minds busy while we help educate them on the benefits of proper brushing and flossing.

Visits for Older Children

Older children will need an exam and cleaning done every six months to ensure optimal oral health. Checkups can include fluoride treatments to help keep teeth strong and healthy. X-rays are also needed to establish how the growth of your child’s teeth is progressing and to help address any issues that may arise. We will treat cavities and other dental issues, helping ensure your adolescent maintains a healthy smile. Basin Dentistry also offers interceptive orthodontics that offers preventive options for aligning and straightening teeth, which can reduce the need for orthodontic treatments as teens and adults.

The health of your child’s teeth and mouth is extremely important to Basin Dentistry. We work closely with families to help determine the best possible oral health care treatments, while providing a path to an exceptional dental experience for their children. For more information about our pediatric and adolescent dentistry services, contact Basin Dentistry today to schedule a  visit with a team member.

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