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Qualities of a Good Special Needs Dentist

Midland TX Dental Care for Developmentally Disabled Patients

It is important to find a dentist you can trust. If you are the parent or caregiver of someone with special needs, it becomes even more important. Dental care can be a challenging task for special needs children and adults. Not only can physical limitations be present, but there are certain mental conditions that may […]

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Are You Sleeping in Your Dentures?

Midland TX Restorative Dental Treatments

Dentures are an excellent way to replace a full arch of missing teeth. They can help patients speak, eat and smile confidently. While these are critical benefits during the day, there’s no need for your dentures at night. Sleeping in your dentures doesn’t offer any good. In fact, it can be one of the worst […]

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Secret to Fresh Breath

Midland TX bad breath treatment

Do you struggle with bad breath? Foul breath odor, or halitosis, can put a real damper on your social life, your career and your self-esteem. Many people who have bad breath are too embarrassed to tell their dentist. They resort to carrying a stash of peppermints or gum in their pockets at all times or […]

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Sedation Dentistry Isn’t Just for Nervous Patients

Midland TX Sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is one of the most valued advancements in modern dentistry. However, there are some misconceptions surrounding sedation dentistry too. Many people are under the assumption that sedation dentistry is only for nervous patients, or those with dental anxiety. While sedation dentistry is used as the go-to solution for dental phobia patients, it can […]

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Dental Fillings: The Advantages of Composite Over Amalgam

Midland TX Dentist

Dentistry has evolved in many ways throughout the years. One of the biggest advancements relates to how modern dentists can repair cavities and minor tooth damage. In the past, dentists primarily used amalgam for their dental filling material. However, patients can now take advantage of a safer, more effective and natural-looking filling option using composite resin. […]

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The Dangers of an Untreated Dental Abscess

Midland TX Urgent Dental Care

Too many people underestimate the seriousness of an untreated abscess in the mouth. An abscess refers to a pocket of pus that develops from a bacterial infection in the mouth. This can be a painful infection within the nerves of a tooth, or one that has developed within the gums around a tooth. In nearly […]

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The Mouth and Heart Connection

Midland TX General Dentist

By taking care of your teeth and gums, you’re doing more than just protecting your smile health –  you are keeping your heart in better shape too! Research has proved that there is a strong link between oral health and cardiovascular health. Statistics show that those who develop gum disease are nearly twice as likely […]

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Threats to Your Teen’s Oral Health

Midland TX Family Dentist

If you are currently parenting a teenager in your house, we know your list of worries is long. However, in your concern for their grades and curfew, don’t forget about their oral health. In fact, teens are especially vulnerable to poor dental health due to these common habits and situations during adolescence: Chewing on Objects […]

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The Benefits of Soft Tissue Lasers in Dentistry

Midland TX State of the Art Dentist Office

Laser technology has revolutionized countless medical fields. In recent years, it has also adopted in modern dentistry. Specifically, soft tissue lasers can be used instead of invasive surgical devices to carry out a number of common dental procedures, both routine and advanced. Soft tissue lasers offer a more comfortable procedure, less recovery time and more […]

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Are You Stressing Out Your Smile?

Midland TX Dentist Office

For the average American adult, stress is commonplace. We pack our schedules, overcommit ourselves and ultimately end up pushing ahead instead of slowing down. While you may be well aware of how stress can affect your body, you may be less informed about how it impacts your mouth. Stress can actually wreak havoc on your […]

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